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A06B-B Servo Motor

A06B-B Servo Motor

Fanuc A06B-B Series Servo Motor We are one of Asia’s leading suppliers of New & Used Spare Parts for PLC ⁄ CNC Automation parts. We deal with leading manufacturers of Industrial Automation Machines and PLC Systems to supply a massive range of spare and replacement parts. Our fast delivery...

Products Specifications:

Fanuc A06B-B Series Servo Motor

A06B-0031-B077/7008A06B0031B077/7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0016-B075#7008A06B0016B075#7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0016-B075#7008 A06B0016B075#7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0032-B075#0008A06B0032B075#0008  SERVO   MOTOR 2.8AMP 3PH 200-230V 3000RPMFanuc
A06B-0032-B075#0008 A06B0032B075#0008 SERVO MOTOR 2.8AMP 3PH 200-230V 3000RPMFanuc
A06B-0032-B075#7008A06B0032B075#7008 SERVO MOTOR 2.8AMP 3000RPM 176VAC 200HZFanuc
A06B-0032-B075#7008 A06B0032B075#7008  SERVO MOTOR 2.8AMP 3000RPM 176VAC   200HZFanuc
A06B-0032-B075/7000A06B0032B075/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0032-B075/7008A06B0032B075/7008 SERVO MOTOR 2.8AMP 3000RPM 176VAC 200HZFanuc
A06B-0032-B077/7008A06B0032B077/7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0032-B175#0008A06B0032B175#0008  SERVO   MOTORFanuc
A06B-0032-B175#0008 A06B0032B175#0008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0033-B075#0008A06B0033B075#0008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0033-B075#0008 A06B0033B075#0008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0033-B075#7008A06B0033B075#7008 B3/3000 SERVO MOTOR WITH 32K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0033-B075#7008 A06B0033B075#7008 B3/3000 SERVO MOTOR WITH 32K SERIAL   ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0033-B175#0008 A06B0033B175#0008 SERVO MOTOR BETA 3/3000 STRAIGHT SHAFT   BRAKE A32 KFanuc
A06B-0034-B075#0008A06B0034B075#0008 AC SERVO MOTOR BETA 6/2000 STRAIGHT SHAFT   A32BFanuc
A06B-0034-B075/7000A06B0034B075/7000 GE FANUC SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0034-B075/7008A06B0034B075/7008 SERVO MOTOR AC ONLY MOTOR 20AMP 53IN/LB   2000RPMFanuc
A06B-0061-B203A06B0061B203 SERVO MOTOR 4000RPM 156VACFanuc
A06B-0061-B203 A06B0061B203 SERVO MOTOR 4000RPM 156VACFanuc
A06B-0061-B403A06B0061B403 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0061-B503 A06B0061B503  SERVO MOTOR W/24VDC HOLDING BRAKEFanuc
A06B-0062-B203A06B0062B203 SERVO MOTOR AC BIS2/400HV W/KEYWAYFanuc
A06B-0063-B203 A06B0063B203 SERVO MOTOR BIS4/4000 3000RPM AMP INPUT   200-240VFanuc
A06B-0063-B503 A06B0063B503 B4/4000IS SERVO MOTOR WITH 24 VDC BRAKE AND   128K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0064-B203A06B0064B203 B4/4000HVIS SERVO MOTOR WITH 128K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0064-B503A06B0064B503 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0075-B003A06B0075B003 MOTOR TAPER SHAFTFanuc
A06B-0075-B203A06B0075B203 SERVO MOTOR AC W/KEYWAY BIS8/3000Fanuc
A06B-0075-B503A06B0075B503 SERVO MOTOR 24VDC BRAKE KEYWAY BIS8/3000Fanuc
A06B-0076-B203A06B0076B203 B8/3000HVIS SERVO MOTOR WITH 128K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0078-B203A06B0078B203 SERVO MOTOR AC BIS12/3000 W/KEYWAYFanuc
A06B-0078-B503A06B0078B503 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0079-B203 A06B0079B203 SERVO MOTOR BIS12/3000HV W/KEYWAYFanuc
A06B-0079-B503 A06B0079B503 SERVO MOTOR 24VDC BRAKE KEYWAY BIS12/3000HVFanuc
A06B-0085-B203A06B0085B203 AC MOTOR BIS22/2000 B128IA W/KEYWAYFanuc
A06B-0085-B503 A06B0085B503 B22/2000IS SERVO MOTOR WITH 24 VDC BRAKE AND   128K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0086-B203A06B0086B203 B22/2000HVIS SERVO MOTOR WITH 128K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0086-B503 A06B0086B503 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0112-B103A06B0112B103 SERVO MOTOR AC BIS0.3/5000 A64Fanuc
A06B-0113-B075#0008 A06B0113B075#0008 SERVO MOTOR AC 0.5/3000 W/BRAKE ST-SFTFanuc
A06B-0113-B075#7008A06B0113B075#7008 SERVO MOTOR AC 0.5/3000 W/BRAKE ST-SFTFanuc
A06B-0113-B075/7008A06B0113B075/7008 SERVO MOTOR AC 0.5/3000 W/BRAKE ST-SFTFanuc
A06B-0113-B077/7000A06B0113B077/7000 MOTOR 2.8AMP 49V 200HZ 3PHFanuc
A06B-0113-B175#0008 A06B0113B175#0008 SERVO MOTOR AC 2.8AMP 3000RPM 3PHASE   49V 0.2KWFanuc
A06B-0114-B203A06B0114B203 SERVO MOTOR W/64K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0114-B503A06B0114B503 SERVO MOTOR ACFanuc
A06B-0115-B075#0008 A06B0115B075#0008 BM0.5/4000 SERVO MOTOR WITH 32K SERIAL   ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0115-B075#7008A06B0115B075#7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0115-B103A06B0115B103 SERVO MOTOR 200/240V 50/60HZ 3PHASEFanuc
A06B-0115-B103/0100A06B0115B103/0100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0115-B175#0008 A06B0115B175#0008 BM0.5/4000 SERVO MOTOR WITH BRAKE AND   32K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0115-B203 A06B0115B203 SERVO MOTOR 4000RPM 2.3AMP 58VFanuc
A06B-0115-B403/0100A06B0115B403/0100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0115-B503 A06B0115B503 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0116-B075#0008 A06B0116B075#0008 BM1/4000 SERVO MOTOR WITH 32K SERIAL   ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0116-B103A06B0116B103 SERVO MOTOR AC BIS1/6000 B64IA STRTFanuc
A06B-0116-B103/0100A06B0116B103/0100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0116-B175#0008A06B0116B175#0008 BM1/4000 SERVO MOTOR WITH BRAKE AND 32K   SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0116-B503 A06B0116B503 SERVO MOTOR AC W/BRAKE 24VDCFanuc
A06B-0123-B075/7000A06B0123B075/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0123-B577/7008A06B0123B577/7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0127-B077/7000A06B0127B077/7000 SERVO MOTOR 140V 133HZ 4.6A 2000RPMFanuc
A06B-0128-B575#7008 A06B0128B575#7008 SERVO MOTOR AC 7.5A 114V 1.4KW 3000RPM   3PHFanuc
A06B-0128-B575#7076A06B0128B575#7076 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0128-B577/7000A06B0128B577/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0128-B675#7008 A06B0128B675#7008 SERVO MOTOR 1.4KW 114V 200HZ 3000RPM   7.5AFanuc
A06B-0141-B075#7008A06B0141B075#7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0141-B175#7008 A06B0141B175#7008 SERVO MOTOR 2.5AMP 257V 2000RPMFanuc
A06B-0142-B077/7000A06B0142B077/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0143-B075#7008A06B0143B075#7008 SERVO MOTOR 12AMP 3PH 155V 64K SERIAL   ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0143-B075#7076 A06B0143B075#7076 SERVO MOTOR W/IP67 SEALING 80AMP   106IN/LBS 3000RPMFanuc
A06B-0143-B175#7008 A06B0143B175#7008 SERVO MOTOR AC 2.8KW 12AMP 3PH 155V   200HZ 3000RPMFanuc
A06B-0143-B175#7076 A06B0143B175#7076 A12/3000 SERVO MOTOR WITH IP67 SEALING   AND BRAKE AND 64K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0147-B075#7008 A06B0147B075#7008 A22/2000 SERVO MOTOR WITH 64K SERIAL   ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0147-B075#7076A06B0147B075#7076 SERVO MOTOR A22/2000 IP67 64K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0147-B077/7000A06B0147B077/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0147-B175#7008A06B0147B175#7008 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0147-B175#7076 A06B0147B175#7076 A22/2000 SERVO MOTOR WITH IP67 SEALING   AND BRAKE AND 64K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0153-B075#7008A06B0153B075#7008 SERVO MOTOR AC A30/3000 A64 PULSEFanuc
A06B-0153-B075#7076 A06B0153B075#7076 A30/3000 SERVO MOTOR WITH IP67 SEALING   AND 64K SERIAL ENCODERFanuc
A06B-0153-B175#7008A06B0153B175#7008 AC SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0153-B175#7076 A06B0153B175#7076 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0158-B075#7008A06B0158B075#7008 SERVO MOTOR WITH KEYWAY WITH FAN 64K ABSFanuc
A06B-0158-B175#7008 A06B0158B175#7008 SERVO MOTOR ALPHA 40/2000 STRAIGHT   SHAFT 35NMFanuc
A06B-0172-B575/7000A06B0172B575/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0202-B101A06B0202B101 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0205-B000A06B0205B000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0212-B200A06B0212B200 SERVO MOTOR ALPHA IS 2/5000Fanuc
A06B-0212-B700/0100A06B0212B700/0100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0213-B100/0100A06B0213B100/0100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0213-B200A06B0213B200  MOTORFanuc
A06B-0213-B400/0100A06B0213B400/0100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0215-B100/0100A06B0215B100/0100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0215-B700/0100A06B0215B700/0100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0216-B100A06B0216B100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0216-B100/0100A06B0216B100/0100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0216-B400/0100A06B0216B400/0100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0223-B000A06B0223B000 SERVO MOTOR AC AIF4/5000 AIA1000Fanuc
A06B-0223-B001A06B0223B001 AC MOTOR AIF4/5000 AII1000Fanuc
A06B-0227-B400A06B0227B400 AC MOTOR A8/3000I A1000I BRAKE S.SFanuc
A06B-0236-B100A06B0236B100 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0239-B100A06B0239B100 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0239-B400A06B0239B400 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0266-B400A06B0266B400 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0269-B400A06B0269B400 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0273-B420A06B0273B420 MODULEFanuc
A06B-0314-B005/7000A06B0314B005/7000 SERVO MOTOR MODEL 5 S#7000 NOC93YC1255Fanuc
A06B-0314-B572/7000A06B0314B572/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-034-B175#0008 A06B034B175#0008  MOTORFanuc
A06B-0371-B577/7000A06B0371B577/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0372-B077/7000A06B0372B077/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0373-B075/7000A06B0373B075/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0373-B077/7000A06B0373B077/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0373-B175/7000A06B0373B175/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0373-B577/7008A06B0373B577/7008 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0373-B588/7076A06B0373B588/7076 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0374-B569/7000A06B0374B569/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0374-B575/7000A06B0374B575/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0374-B577/7000A06B0374B577/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0374-B588/7075A06B0374B588/7075 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0374-B677/7000A06B0374B677/7000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-0376-B575/7075A06B0376B575/7075 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0377-B575/7075A06B0377B575/7075 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0377-B675/7075A06B0377B675/7075 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0377-B677/7000A06B0377B677/7000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0850-B391/3000A06B0850B391/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0850-B395/3000A06B0850B395/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0851-B190/3000A06B0851B190/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0851-B391/3000A06B0851B391/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0853-B130/3000A06B0853B130/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0866-B300/3000A06B0866B300/3000 MOTORFanuc
A06B-0866-B380/3000A06B0866B380/3000 SERVO MOTORFanuc
A06B-1501-B102A06B1501B102 MOTORFanuc
A06B-1501-B105A06B1501B105 MOTORFanuc
A06B-1503-B101A06B1503B101 MOTORFanuc
A06B-1503-B103A06B1503B103 MOTORFanuc

We are one of Asia’s leading suppliers of New & Used Spare Parts for PLC ⁄ CNC Automation parts. We deal with leading manufacturers of Industrial Automation Machines and PLC Systems to supply a massive range of spare and replacement parts. Our fast delivery service and short supply ⁄ sourcing lead times enable you to keep your factory process and production lines running with minimum down-time.

Why should you choose to deal with plc contact?

Plc contact is committed to supplying industrial automation spare parts to every corner of the world.We provide fast response to your request, incredible wholesale pricing, fast delivery to our customers.We are specialized in supplying new surplus, obsolete and hard to find parts.

Our advanteages

* Prompt, courteous and professional service. 

* Quality products with competitive prices. 

* On-time delivery. 

* Continuously improving our methods and processes.  

Our services:

Supplying new, refurbished and obsolete parts

Sourcing hard to find parts

Repair services

Should the FANUC a06b-b servo motor caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our professional China manufacturers and suppliers to get the quality FANUC a06b-b servo motor from our factory. As one of the famous brands, we will offer you good service and fast delivery.

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