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Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Products Specifications:

●Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


●Power Supply (Voltage/frequency): 3-phase 200-230VAC, 50/60Hz; 1-phase 230VAC, 50/60Hz

●Power Supply (Permissible voltage fluctuation): 3-phase 200-230VAC, 170-253VAC 

●Power Supply (Permissible frequency fluctuation): ±5%

●Control System: Sinusoidal PWM control/current control system

●Dynamic brake: Built-in

●Speed frequency response: 550 Hz or more

●Protective functions: Overcurrent shutdown, regeneration overvoltage shutdown, overload shutdown (electronic thermal), servomotor overheat protection, encoder fault protection, regeneration fault protection, undervoltage/sudden power outage protection,overspeed protection, excess error protection

●Maximum input pulse frequency (Position control mode): 500 kpps- when using differential receiver, 200 kpps- when using open collector

●Positioning feedback pulse (Position control mode): Resolution per encoder/servo motor rotation (131072 pulse/revolution)

●Positioning complete width setting (Position control mode): 0 - ±10VDC

●Excess error (Position control mode): ±10 rotations

●Torque limit input (Position control mode): Set by parameters or external analog input (0-±10VDC / maximum torque)

●Speed control range (Speed control mode): Analog speed command 1:2000, internal speed command 1:5000

●Analog speed command input (Speed control mode): 0-±10VDC / rated speed

●Speed fluctuation rate (Speed control mode): ±0.01% max.(load fluctuation 0-100%), 0% (power fluctuation ±10%), ±0.2% max. (ambient temperature 25°C ± 10°C), when using external analog speed command

●Torque limit (Speed control mode): Set by parameters or external analog input (0-±10VDC / maximum torque)

●Torque command input (Torque control specifications): 0-±8VDC / maximum torque (input impedance 10 to 12kΩ)

●Speed limit (Torque control specifications): Set by parameters or external analog input (0-±10VDC, rated speed)

●Structure: Self-cooling, open (IP00) 

●Shipping Weight: 2 kg

MR-J2S-20A .jpg

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