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​●Servo Amplifier:2.8AMP 170V 0-360HZ 400WATT (MRJ2S40A)
●Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Products Specifications:

●Servo Amplifier:2.8AMP 170V 0-360HZ 400WATT  (MRJ2S40A)

●Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


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To prevent electric shock, note the following:

Before wiring or inspection, turn off the power and wait for 15 minutes or more until the charge lamp turns off. Then, confirm that the voltage between P and N is safe with a voltage tester and others. Otherwise, an electric shock may occur. In addition, always confirm from the front of the servo amplifier, whether the charge lamp is off or not. Connect the servo amplifier and servo motor to ground. Any person who is involved in wiring and inspection should be fully competent to do the work. Do not attempt to wire the servo amplifier and servo motor until they have been installed. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock. Operate the switches with dry hand to prevent an electric shock. The cables should not be damaged, stressed, loaded, or pinched. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock. During power-on or operation, do not open the front cover of the servo amplifier. You may get an electric shock. Do not operate the servo amplifier with the front cover removed. High-voltage terminals and charging area are exposed and you may get an electric shock. Except for wiring or periodic inspection, do not remove the front cover even of the servo amplifier if the power is off. The servo amplifier is charged and you may get an electric shock.

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