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Servo Amplifier 100W 200V (MRJ2S60A)
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Products Specifications:

●Servo Amplifier 3.2AMP 3PH 200-230VAC 50/60HZ (MRJ2S60A)

●Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


MR-J2S-60A .jpg

To prevent fire, note the following:

●Install the servo amplifier, servo motor and regenerative resistor on incombustible material. Installing them directly or close to combustibles will lead to a fire.

●Always connect a magnetic contactor (MC) between the main circuit power supply and L1, L2, and L3 of the servo amplifier, and configure the wiring to be able to shut down the power supply on the side of the servo amplifier’s power supply. If a magnetic contactor (MC) is not connected, continuous flow of a large current may cause a fire when the servo amplifier malfunctions.

●When a regenerative resistor is used, use an alarm signal to switch main power off. Otherwise, a regenerative transistor fault or the like may overheat the regenerative resistor, causing a fire.

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